to new team members Hila & Ronnie! We are very happy to have you around and wish you a fruitful, exciting research.


Starter Kit

Check out the ‘starter kit’ page to get more specific information about the work in our lab. In there, you’ll find fundamental articles, courses & fields we use mostly. that might be helpful if you ever wish to join us here.


OHBM Singapore 2018 – Here We Come!

Very honored  to Participate  in te upcoming OHBM 2018 conference in Singapore during May.
This year, we’ll be providing scholarships to 4 of our MA & PhD candidates for their posters exhibition and talks during the3 conference.
Here at the lab, we believe only good can come from exposure to new innovative science and ideas. We are proud to encourage our students to present their works, set a high Scientific standard, and learn from researchers around them.
Good luck! =)

7T Bruker upgraded!

Our 7T MRI has been significantly upgraded- New Hardware, New Firmware, New Software.
We are very pleased with these new conditions, abling our team of researchers to get more precise,correct data & analysis regarding our neural networks, Grey\White matter, and cortical layers.