LOP_Shir Hofstetter

Shir Hofstetter PhD
List of Publications

      1. The rapid development of structural plasticity through short water maze training: A DTI study. S Hofstetter, Y Assaf, 2017
        NeuroImage 155, 202-208
      1. Rapid language-related plasticity: microstructural changes in the cortex after a short session of new word learning. S Hofstetter, N Friedmann, Y Assaf, , 2016. Brain Structure and Function 222 (3), 1231-1241
      1. Micro-structural assessment of short term plasticity dynamics I Tavor, S Hofstetter, Y Assaf, 2013, Neuroimage 81, 1-7
      1. Short-term learning induces white matter plasticity in the fornix,S Hofstetter, I Tavor, ST Moryosef, Y Assaf , 2013, Journal of Neuroscience 33 (31), 12844-12850
      1. Learning in the fast lane: new insights into neuroplasticity Y Sagi, I Tavor, S Hofstetter, S Tzur-Moryosef, T Blumenfeld-Katzir, Y assai, 2012, Neuron 73 (6), 1195-1203