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Ido Tavor

Shlomi Lifshits

Assi Horowitz

  • PhD Candidate
  • CEO&Co-founder at Brainvivo

Daniel Barazany

  • PhD
  • Currently: Head of Strauss Imaging Center, Tel-Aviv University
  • PhD Thesis - MRI of Cortical Lamination Patterns

Shani Ben Amitai

  • PhD
  • MR Product & Collaboration Manager at Siemens Healthcare
  •  Phd Thesis - Models of Diffusion for Micro-structural Characterization of Gray and White Matter

Eyal Lotan

  • PhD
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Neuroradiology Section at NYU Langone Medical Center
  •  List of Publications

Dana Doron

  • PhD Student, Neuroimaging and Neuroplasticity, Ido Tavor Lab, Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University
  • Currently: Senior Physician, Neurology Ward - Stroke Unit, Tel Hashomer Medical Center, Israel

  • MSc Thesis - MRI of Short Term Neuroplasticity in the "Hippocampally-Challenged" Human Brain

Dan Stein


Vered Kronfeld Duenias

Tamar B. Katzir


List of Publications

Efrat Sasson

PhD in Neuroscience

List of Publications

Hadas Laufer

  • M.Sc
  • M.Sc Thesis - Detecting Changes in Brain Structure and Connectivity due to Formation, Extinction and Reconsolidation of Alcohol-related Memories

Omry Zomet

PhD Candidate


Shir Hofstetter


List of Publications 

Maya Faraggi


MSc Thesis - Characterization and Localization of Neuroplasticity due to Environmental Changes in Mouse Brain using DTI

Debby Anaby

PhD Candidate

Yaniv Sagi