The Team

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The Dream Team

Principle Investigator

Yaniv Assaf

Lab Manager

Nadav Mark

  • Lab Manager
  • B.A in Behavioral sciences
  • M.A.A.T in Music Therapy

Doctoral Fellows

Ittai Shamir

PhD Candidate

  • M.Sc Thesis - Investigating The Morphometry Of Cortical Layers In The Human Brain Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cortical Lamination Patterns

  •  List of Publications

Omri Tomer

PhD Candidate

Rotem Botvinik-Nezer

PhD Candidate

I am a joint Ph.D. student of Prof Yaniv Assaf and Dr. Tom Schonberg ( in the direct program towards a PhD in the Sagol School of Neuroscience. My research focuses on the neural basis of behavioral change and maintenance. I study the functional and structural neuroplasticity which underlie change of preferences and choice behavior, both in the short and in the long term, with behavioral and neuroimaging tools (mainly fMRI and diffusion MRI). I also study the role memory processes play in value-based decision-making without reinforcements, in collaboration with the lab of Prof. Daphna Shohamy from Columbia University in NYC

 List of Publications

Zvi Baratz

  • PhD Candidate


Working on characterizing cortical lamination patterns in the general population using inversion-recovery MRI, as well as developing an app to manage the lab's database and analyses.

MSc Thesis - Cortical Layer Parcellation in the General Population Using Inversion- Recovery MRI

Hila Gast

PhD Candidate


MA Students

Yoni Katzir

M.Sc Student



Ronnie Krupnik

M.Sc Student