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The main research interest of the lab is measuring brain micro-structure with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The general work hypothesis is that brain structure, function and behavior are linked. Under this hypothesis we study the anatomical characteristics of brain tissue as well as structural aspects of neuro-plasticity and behavioral correlates.

The research in the lab focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in humans and rodents. We use a General Electric ® 3T scanner (located at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center) for humans and a Bruker ® 7T scanner for small animals located at Tel Aviv University Campus. With these facilities we investigate brain macro-anatomy, micro-strucutre and plasticity.

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Recent Publications


Sagi Y., Tavor I., Hofstetter S., Tzur-Moryosef S., Blumenfeld-Katzir T., Assaf Y. Learning in the fast lane: new insights into neuroplasticityNeuron Accepted.
Barazany D., Assaf Y. Visualization of Cortical Lamination Patterns with Magnetic Resonance Imaging.Cerebral Cortex Accepted.
Ben-Amitay S., Jones D., Assaf Y. Motion correction and registration of high b-value diffusion weighted images.Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Accepted.
Blumenfeld-Katzir T, Pasternak O, Dagan M, Assaf Y. Diffusion MRI of structural brain plasticity induced by a learning and memory task.PloS One 2011. (pubmed link)

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Our lab is located at Sherman building, room #421. This building is part of the George S. Wise faculty of life-sciences, Tel Aviv University

Address: Sherman Bldg, room #421

Tel. (Yaniv):+972-3-6407661

Tel. (Lab):+972-3-6406980


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