The main research interest of the lab is measuring brain micro-structure with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The general work hypothesis is that brain structure, function and behavior are linked. Under this hypothesis we study the anatomical characteristics of brain tissue as well as structural aspects of neuro-plasticity and behavioral correlates.

The research in the lab focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in humans and rodents. We use a General Electric 3T scanner (located at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center) for humans and a Bruker 7T scanner for small animals located at Tel Aviv University Campus. With these facilities we investigate the following subjects:


Brain Tissue Characterization
The goal of this study is to characterize and segment brain tissue into its compartments. This includes characterizing CSF volume, segmenting the cortex into sub-compartments and other sub-cortical strucutres (e.g. the hippocampus)

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Strucutral Plasticity
The goal of this study is to invesitage and localize the brain regions that undergo plasticity following a cogntive expeirence or training with MRI. We also investigate the histological correlates of the MRI findings.

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Tissue Micro-strucutre
The goal of this study is to device MRI frameworks that will characterize micro-strucutral parameters of neuronal tissue such as axon diameter distribution and cellular density.

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Structural Connectivity
In this study we use diffusion MRI to visualize structural connections between brain regions. Specifically we use diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), CHARMED and AxCaliber frameworks to define the anatomical connectivity between brain regions.

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Our lab is located at Sherman building, room #421. This building is part of the George S. Wise faculty of life-sciences, Tel Aviv University

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